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Take advantage of the flexibility, customization, focus and control that onsite training offers and let us tailor a course or program to align with your company’s mission, values and unique business needs. We can deliver any course to your team or organization in a private format - at your location, at one of our training sites or in a virtual setting.

Freelance Jobs

IMRI® provides our consultants with excellent work from home and freelance jobs in SEO, PPC, Social media, Php & Mysql, Drupal / Wordpress / Joomla, Video marketing, and Content writing. Do a course today and become one of our freelance consultant!


Proposals invited from entrepreneuers, investors, digital enthusiasts for IMRI® Franchises across India.
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Virtual Class

Our virtual classroom is dynamic and fully interactive, a live, online version of the course is led by an instructor and conducted in real time.Make your learning a more personal, pleasant experience.


List of Google Plus Firefox Add-ons

Google plus plugin for firefox browser is also available on Mozilla Add-ons, you can download google plus and access google plus social network account directly on the browser.Google plus extension have been created to access all the features of google plus social network directly from your web-browser.
The add-ons for google plus for browsers are tested and are running without any issues. You can download free plugins for google plus directly from chrome shop and […]

Top Facebook Applications

Top Facebook Applications
Facebook Toolbar 

Facebook Toolbar has a search box, notification, an icon that can be used to check the pictures your friends and status.
Simple Photo Uploader

Simple Photo Uploader is a desktop application for Facebook which helps you to upload photos and tag photos.

Facepad is firefox add-ons which allow you to download and events Facebook friends’ album.
Advanced Wall

Advanced Wall helps to post messages, pictures, drawings, graffiti, video, flash, change the text size and color, along […]

Complete List of Best SEO And Internet Marketing Tools

For SEO & analyzing plans for your website marketing you will need some SEO tools like backlink checker, page rank tools ,link popularity ones.
Google Rankings- Check the ranking of a web page in Google™ A free search engine optimization tool.
Prsearch- Shows you Google ranked position, number of pages indexed and Google Dir status.
Adsense Calculator- The AdSense Calculator helps Google AdSense affiliates understand what affects their earnings by letting them experiment with values.
Multi Page Rank […]

New SEO Tools and SEMToolBar for Firefox

New SEO Tools and SEMToolBar for Firefox
By webmaster – Posted on June 10th, 2009
Bruce Clay, Inc yesterday announced the release of new free SEM Toolbar for firefox and a a brand new SEO tool called the SEO/Domain Report Tool. Through the SEM Toolbar you'll get meaningful statistics right in your browser. SEO/Domain Report Tool will allow you to check Yahoo, Live and Google to see how many pages of a domain are indexed in […]

9 Common Mistakes in SEO

SEO is the process and practice of optimizing your website so that it ranks well on search engine results pages (or SERPs). here are some common mistakes that people make while optimizing their sites for search engines. These mistakes will lead to a fall in ranking in search engines. Here are some common mistakes that will affect search engine positioning.
1. Incorrectly Designed Websites: Lack of proper navigation, use of frames and large graphics will […]

Hosting App

Hosting App is a tool designed to manage web hosting server. It allow to create Virtual Hosts, manage users accounts, DNS, mail accounts etc… It also provide a control panel for hosted sites.


ZPanel is a hosting control interface built mainly for Windows/Win32 hosts. It allows the hosts to give their users a panel type atmosphere where they can easily manage their account.

Bandwidth Calculator

This tool will help you to discover how big bandwidth allowance needs your website.


Free tool to convert Microsoft ASP Web scripts to PHP scripts.

Java Servlets

Java 'applets' which are executed on the server, resulting in a dynamic page that can be viewed in the client Webbrowser.