Internet & Mobile Research Institute is a full-service international digital media training centre — with interactive classroom, a digital library, and a computer lab.

IMRI® headquarter is located in Bangalore – India. Much of the IMRI®’s classroom training takes place here—from polishing new digital media executives and analysts to grooming digital media experts from around the world.  IMRI®also serves as a premier learning and research center, an advocate for best practices throughout the global digital media community, and a place where lasting partnerships are forged among online marketing and web intelligence professionals worldwide.

IMRI® Mantra – First In Action Learning

IMRI® is the first in-person digital media coach training school in the world and the only program to teach IMRI’s ground-breaking iActive model approach through interactive courses. Whether you are looking for an action-oriented training program, comprehensive online business strategy training, professional online media certification, or powerful digital marketing & analytical skills to help you be more successful in your business or career, you will find it with IMRI.

IMRI® Impact

To date, more than 200 professionals, students, executives and marketing managers have been trained through IMRI®. Our trained mentors come from varied backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, CEOs, and technical specialists. In addition, major organizations, such as ISB – Hyderabad, GoldShield, etc.. have offered IMRI® iActive training within their organizations to increase marketing and employee effectiveness.

International Scope

To help meet the need for well-trained online media professionals for marketing, management and analytical roles, IMRI® courses are now available worldwide through e-learning and virtual classroom methods.

IMRI® GPDM – JobReady program

IMRI® GPDM program is a JobReady qualified program, designed to re-energise people who have found themselves not in employment, education or higher-up in the career map. Through this practical programme you can kick start your journey into employment. We work with students, professionals and entrepreneurs to develop their skills as per the industry need. Over 80% of all our JobReady trainees go onto employment within the first 6 months of finishing the course. After the course we will continue to work with you until we’re happy that you’ve found either a job or started your own business online.

Advantage IMRI®

  • IMRI® is an Industry Leader in Digital media
  • 1:1 Mentor-Student Ratio
  • The first JobReady centre in India
  • The Quality of our Trainers is Unparalleled
  • IMRI’s Unique method of Action Learning
  • Person to Person Experiential Training
  • IMRI® experience in managing digital projects
  • One stop shopping for all your training requirements
  • Global access to training
  • All modalities-Instructor-led, virtual, in-person classroom and elearning
  • Corporate Interaction
  • Ongoing Support and Knowledge Warranty